JU BL You can occupy the meat
It's Lightish Red

My name is Elizabeth. Also, click here

I answer anything and everything. You cannot make me uncomfortable but I challenge you to try.

To people who are friends with me in real life


  #okay    #so you're right    #we're not very safe    #i need to go on the pill ASAP    #I just don't want to tell dad...  

I think he wants to ask me but he backed down and changed topic.


Are you asking me to go to this ball with you? Doesn’t seem your style at all.



  #theres a word in my thigh that I need to make go away but    #I don't want to do any more damage    #but I don't want h to see that word    #at all costs so    #...    #h    #crisis  


there are two types of cute

"aw how adorable" cute


"aw i want to make out with you holy shit" cute

and my goal is to be both of them