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To people who are friends with me in real life

he’s icing the brownies?

Anonymous whispered:
What's wrong? :-(

Uhhh h was just being a bit of an asshole and took the play fighting too far.
It’s just hard because he’s so much stronger than me and doesn’t know when he’s being too rough with me.
Then he called me annoying and proceeded to “massage” my eyes which I hate beyond doubt. And to top it off I have cramps.
So, all things combines I was really unhappy with him.

It’s so so gross. Why did I agree to that shit a second time? Ew. It’s everywhere.

THE GOLDEN ECHO: Group Exhibition Collaboration with Kimbra & Warner Brothers Records


Christmas has come early this year at The Cave! As you know, we are all about celebrating all different kinds of artists, shifting the spotlight to amazing talent that we love and in turn will hope you love too!

Kimbra came up with the idea to invite a selection of artists to listen to The…


orphan black au where everything is the same except paul is played by natalie dormer